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Tests for the control of ferric chlorosis in table grape

Trial conducted in Grottaglie (TA) in 2020.
Variety: Vittoria (on 140 R.) – Soil: sandy-clayey

Nano.T Fe first effects


In June, despite being in the full phase of grape growth and with the effects of chlorosis already quite evident, we still wanted to test the potential contribution of  Nano.T Fe on the vegetative state of the plants at doses comparable to equivalent Fe supplies, applied by chelates on the roots but at higher doses of formulation.

In the photos it is possible to see that 6 days after the application with Nano.T Fe the old leaves already show signs of turning green while the new ones show no symptoms.

Test comparison

August (before the harvest)


In the photos it is possible to notice the evidence of iron chlorosis symptoms in the control; in the test treated with a chelated product the symptoms are still present even if reduced compared to the control; in the test treated with Nano.T Fe the symptoms are instead practically absent.

Final remarks

  • No problems encountered in the solubilization and
    injection phases into the fertigation system, with usual farm conditions.
  • Positive response of plants with emission of new leaves without deficiency or in any case reduction of the deficiency
    even in the most critical situations.
  • The farmer has noticed a general decrease in the
    level of chlorosis in the vineyard, compared to previous years.
  • Applications at budding and pre-flowering would undoubtedly have generated even better results