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Nano.T® line

Nano.T® – Fe

Innovative liquid fertilizer based on iron nanoparticles (dimension <100 nm), which is not retained by the soil and remains available to the plant. Employed in fertigation at low dosages, it prevents damages caused by iron chlorosis.

Nano.T® – Bio

Organic liquid fertilizer based on iron nanoparticles (dimension between 5 and 10 nm). Nano.t Bio is a new technology that, applied in fertigation at low dosages, guarantees an elevated effectiveness against iron chlorosis. Allowed in organic farming.

Nano.T® – NPK

NPK liquid fertilizer which provides phosphorus and iron nanoparticles (dimension <100 nm), ensuring a complete nutrition in a sustainable way. Applied in fertigation, it prevents chlorosis and improves iron absorption thanks to a controlled release.

Nano.T® – Cu

It is a fertilizer with high nutritional efficiency thanks to the small size (nanotechnology) of the copper particles present in the formulation. In foliar applications is ideal for activating the natural defenses of the plant and preventing diseases and nutritional disorders.