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Nano.T® technology

Size Comparison:
from nano to macro


Nano-fertilizers are characterized by:

1. High efficiency

Nanoparticles have an elevated contact surface, which easens dissolution and absorption by the plant, allowing a reduced dosage of use;

2. Stability in the formulation

The patented production process allows to obtain a stable colloidal suspension over time, avoiding precipitation or aggregation;

3. Long-lasting action

Products obtained through the NANO.T process can be employed in the most difficult environmental conditions without altering their characteristics;

4. Low environmental impact

Nano-fertilizers do not leach on the soil and have the ability to adhere to the leaf without dispersing in the environment and requiring a limited number of applications;

5. Innovative patented technology

The NANO.T technology is an innovation born from a collaboration between the R&D department of FCP Cerea and the department of Biotechnology of the University of Verona.